Open Imagination
 June 30, 2022
Price Sculpture Forest - Augmented Reality Exhibition of Your Real-World Physical Sculpture in Public Sculpture Park

You have the opportunity to participate in a cutting-edge sculpture exhibition that is anticipated to be the first of its kind in the world: An Augmented Reality exhibition of real-world sculptures that will be virtually displayed via an app onto a real-world outdoor pedestal in a beautiful forested public sculpture park setting. Your preparation steps can be done simply and remotely from anywhere in the world at your studio or wherever your physical sculpture is currently located, with no requirements for travel or onsite installation. This unique ongoing show comes with many artist benefits including public exhibition at a popular sculpture park, association with a whole new way of experiencing sculpture, marketing of you, zero commission on sales (100% to artist), and no additional costs beyond the entry fee. We seek unique, exciting artistic visions that will enthrall viewers through both your original sculpture and this new interactive way of experiencing your art. Up to 10 selected artists will each be paid a $500 honorarium for your participation. Sculptures will be exhibited in small groups and rotated over time, with the possibility of making repeat appearances. Price Sculpture Forest ( is Where Art Enhances Nature and Nature Enhances Art. We are a 501c3 nonprofit public sculpture park and nature preserve set within a mature native Pacific Northwest habitat north of Seattle, Washington. Visit our exhibition webpage for info. Links below.

 Up to 10 artists will each receive $500