Open Imagination
 August 31, 2022
NAVS Art for Animals 2022

NAVS’ Art for Animals contest is an opportunity for artists of all skills and ages to create images that inspire others to extend compassion and admiration to all animals. This year marks our 33rd annual competition, and we’re once again inviting you to get creative and give a visual "voice" to those who cannot speak for themselves. Whether you choose to focus on animals in labs, in your home, or in the wild, we want to see how you picture compassion for animals with your entry for Art for Animals 2022. Your artwork could appear in print and online messages from NAVS, and on greeting cards and on social media throughout the year. Submissions may be digitally-created artwork or digital reproductions of original paintings, illustrations or photographs. Please visit our website for the entry form and details on how to submit your artwork. Physical artwork cannot be accepted. Companion animals fill our lives with friendship and devotion, while animals in the wild inspire us with their natural beauty. Whether paying tribute to an animal in your life or appreciating animals in the world around you, Art for Animals provides an opportunity to get creative and give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. Image Credit: Title: A Father's Love / Artist: Caitlin Nicole Hoseck / 2021 Third Place Winner.

 Cash awards for Best in Show, First, Second and Third place winners, one Youth award (age 12 and under) and one Fans' Choice social media award.