Open Imagination
 August 31, 2022
How Incarceration Affects Families and Communities: Call to Artists & Writers

This project includes writings, art exhibit, documentary, a book. Will focus on art making & writing that show how incarceration of humans has impacted families & communities who are related. Responding to the question - How we can can use art to protest, process, & object to How Incarceration Affects Families & Communities? Along with offering written works & art, that take up the subject, we will create a documentary, create a book from the writings and art, and post our outcome online to show our discussion of the ethics of representation, & what it means to write about this violence & trauma, neglect & damage of people incarcerated & their families/communities. We will focus on the craft of writing and art, which will engage viewers in responding both to the works of art in the exhibition & the writings which we will combine in a book. In the Chicago neighborhood of North Lawndale, there is disagreement as to how many residents have been incarcerated at some time in their lives. It has been suggested that from 47% to 85% of families have had someone in their family imprisoned at sometime. Imagine the effect on the children, families, school system, neighborhood, & the self-esteem & attitude of this community. Ask for guidelines on how to enter.