Open Imagination
  Oct 31, 2023  to  Oct 31, 2023
Gallery Omnibus: Finissage of the virtual 3D exhibition "Colorful"

"Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams” © Paul Gauguin. Nothing fascinates and inspires the creative team at Omnibus Gallery more than color - the result of the collaboration of eye and brain, the language of dreams and the smile of nature. The idea of the exhibition in virtual 3D space was corceived by the curator of the exhibition, the artist Light Bear. The virtual format provided an opportunity for 47 artists from different parts of the world to exhibit together. This is a new, exciting experience for a German gallery under an a non-profit organization, which has until now organized regular exhibitions within the city of Dresden. ARTISTS: Klára Vavřičková • ABEL Sylvie • Ze Ve • Bianca Turner • Anna Dzhiniri • Stéphane CANTIN • Mingyue Liu • Corina Nani • Fester Vogels • Kenneth Henckel • Scherin Mustafa • June Hjorth • Senna Sheridan • Luciano Caggianello • Carmen Wilke • Laurel Lueders • Matthew Bailey • Amanda Lechner • Kris Moore • Trina Batchelor • Samantha Redfern • • Hannah Stein • Brooke Harris • Chang-Ching Su • Tyrrell Jonns • Carsten Breuer • Monica Croese • Tracy Poindexter-Canton • Karen Safer • Sallia Brand • Chad Eby • Linh Dao • Zach Ellis • Crystal L McDonald • Georgia Hart • Fiorentina Giannotta • Sandra Rieboldt-Bülter • Scott M. Williams • Alexandr Luc • Chad Erpelding • Cesar Ceballos • Chelsea Dreher • Megan Howard • Dimitra Xenaki • Gillian Probert • Kip Harris.