Artist of the Month September 2020


Naomi Shachar

Mission Viejo, California, USA

The rigid lines of professional interior designing in which Naomi was educated upon inhibited her natural creativity and her personal inherent propensity to artistic self-expression, so she oriented her endeavors in her native Israel towards combining art with business by manufacturing and uniquely hand-painting ceramic-ware that was marketed in high-end exclusive stores around the country. Arriving in Mission Viejo California, Naomi has further developed her artistic skills by studying color theory, and practicing drawing and painting techniques. All of which contribute to the transfer of artistic visions to the canvas and onwards to the keen eye of the art viewer.

How and when did you start creating art?

Started in my early thirties, mostly by making and decorating handmade ceramics, but the beauty and expression of oils became my preference.

What media and genres do you work in?

Working with oils on linen; I see myself as a Realist painter.

Who or what are your influences?

I have studied the works of many artists, but those that stand out are: Nicolai Fechin, Baptiste Sorolla, and Emil Carlsen, but the list is long!

What was your inspiration for “Water Lilies”?

The beauty surrounding us and which we seldom take the time to enjoy and appreciate it. The “Water Lilies” painting is not about the flowers, but rather the movement of the leaves on the water, and what is beneath the water surface.

Describe your creative process?

From the onset, something needs to move me to feel “I must paint this”, it can be Water Lilies floating on the waters, majestic horses but with a kind eye that draws my attention. But mostly appreciating those “little things” that are somewhat hidden in their surroundings – even with poverty all around - you can always find a beautiful flower!

What are you working on currently?

Just completed a still life of yellow lemons on the tree, but now going back for another scene of Water Lilies.

What are your near/long term goals as an artist?

Creating fine art is an endless journey, and as an artist you strive to always improve on the quality of your work. I am proud to have achieved the status of a signature artist in three professional art organizations: Oil Painters of America (OPA), California Art Club (CAC), and Women Artists of the West (WAOW), so my long term goal is to be worthy of a Master level recognition.

Where can people view/purchase your work (gallery, website, etc)?

You can view my work on my website, and in several national and regional exhibitions.

Open Imagination

Water Lilies III

Open Imagination

Body Wash

Open Imagination


Open Imagination

Flower Boy

Open Imagination


Open Imagination

The Fisherman

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