Artist of the Month May 2023


Barry Tarr

York, Maine, USA

During high school, I met a commercial photographer who became a mentor.  I was also attracted to the newly emerging field of computer science.  I chose computer science as a career at a time when computers filled entire rooms.  Who knew how that would turn out!  During college and beyond, I continued my photography, building, using and running darkrooms.  Combining my computer background with my photographic practice has brought me full circle.

How and when did you start creating art?

I have been an image maker since the early 1970s.   I have spent a lot of time in the darkroom in the past, but I love the ability to experiment in the digital realm.

What media and genres do you work in?

I am a fine art photographer.  I create traditional (landscape, travel and still life) art.  Recently I have been working with various light sources to create my version of light painting, in an abstract and experimental environment.

Who or what are your influences?

I try to incorporate as many influences from as many different disciplines as possible.  What fascinates me about photography is the combination of science (physics, chemistry and psychology) with an understanding of philosophy and other artistic disciplines. Certainly, Ansel Adams and Cartier Bresson from the world of photography, and I also enjoy the work of many artists working in many different media.

What was your inspiration for

Neo Nautilus


There are many examples of mathematics in nature.  My wife and I enjoy the beauty of sea shells, and the Nautilus shell in particular.  We have a number of Nautilus shells around us and I have enjoyed photographing them.  The Neo Nautilus was an early work in light painting and as I created it, I became more and more excited to see the final result.

Describe your creative process?

I like to use technology and different materials to add 3 dimensionality to my images.  Part of my process is to read as much as I can on as many different subjects as time will allow.  I find that getting inspired can come from many different places and when you least expect it.  I am also interested in learning more about the study of the creative process.

What are you working on currently?

The current series is the Butterfly series, which is a continuation of my “Light Fantastic” series.

What are your near/long term goals as an artist?

My goals are to continue to experiment and grow as an artist.  I would like to expand my audience for the joy of sharing my work.

Where can people view/purchase your work (gallery, website, etc)?

My website is  I am also active in the Kittery (Maine) Art Association, the New Hampshire Art Association (Portsmouth, NH) and the York (Maine) Art Association (past-president).  My work can also be seen at The FloodTide Gallery in York, Maine and Maine Micro Artisans in Gorham, Maine.

Open Imagination

Neo Nautilus

Open Imagination


Open Imagination

Neo Butterfly #3

Open Imagination


Open Imagination


Open Imagination

The Fourth Dimension

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