Artist of the Month June 2022


Junkyu Lee

Mukilteo, Washington, USA

I was born in 1968, in Seoul, Korea. Raised and educated in Seoul, I had a strong background in fine arts in college with a focus in the artistic department. After attending Hongik University in Seoul, I received a bachelor degree in fine arts. After graduating, I had a job teaching at a high school in Korea and started building my career as an artist. I moved to Seattle in 2003, while continuing to teach students and paint my work in my studio. I have had many yearly group exhibits since 2007. I have won multiple national and regional juried art competitions since 2015.

How and when did you start creating art?

I'd like to say that I've been creating art my whole life. During my childhood, I spent most of my time drawing and filling my notebook with things like cars, airplanes, and tanks.

What media and genres do you work in?

I mainly work with oils and pastels to paint city landscapes with lights and roads.

Who or what are your influences?

I love the works of Rembrandt, Dali, and Magritte. When I was a child, I remember seeing Rembrandt’s painting and being inspired to become an artist. Rembrandt is an important inspirational figure, who led me to pursue a career in art.

What was your inspiration for



Everyone has goals and will work hard every day to achieve said goals. It is unknown whether or not it will be possible to achieve them, but everyone has the desire to walk on a solid road without great hardship. The road that stretches out toward the building shining in the dark felt like a solid road without any obstacles, and I wanted to convey a message of hope.

Describe your creative process?

My art work focuses on the themes of light and road. Light is an important element that is present everywhere in our daily lives. This includes sunlight and moonlight from nature, the countless streetlights brightening the sidewalks, and the lights emanating from buildings. If all these lights were to disappear, then we would be left in a state of darkness and confusion. This is because light is an essential part of our lives.

What are you working on currently?

Currently, I am working on many cityscape paintings around the Seattle area. I would like to keep expressing Road with light through my works.

What are your near/long term goals as an artist?

As a multiple award-winning artist, I would like to remain quite active in juried regional and international art shows. My most aspiring goal is to one day be an artist who is known around the world.

Where can people view/purchase your work (gallery, website, etc)?

My work can be viewed online on my website: and On the painting and drawing page, you can find a list of most of my works throughout the years.

Open Imagination

Destination, 2022 Oil on Canvas 60inX48in

Open Imagination

Lively Street, 2022 Oil on Canvas 40inX60in

Open Imagination

Morning Sunshine, 2022 Oil on Canvas 36inX24in 2021

Open Imagination

Sparkling Light, 2021 Oil on Canvas 18inX24in

Open Imagination

Before Sunset, 2020 Oil on Canvas 60inX48in

Open Imagination

Escape, 2019 Oil on Canvas 48WX36H

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