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bonARTE Events & Creations - Art Series Production: ARTalk

ARTalk Series Season Premiere “Honoring Our Roots”, hosted by Eishamarie Rivera known for her work on television network Telemundo-Orlando in collaboration with Art Company bonARTE Events & Creations, is open for artists' submissions. ARTalk was born from a collaboration between ART and TELEVISION to positively impact the artist community and create a guide to success within the art market. Artists are invited to submit their unique stories & artwork to our Call for artists for the ARTalk Series Season Premiere. We will be selecting a group of artists that are actively working on their art careers and can serve as an example of pursuing their roots as artists to showcase their stories through a short film format production. The stories selected will be part of the script for the art series Season One. The art series will be focused on the work behind each artist's story while the TV Host dissects each artist's experience and amplify it through ARTalk. This is a full production series and selected artists will be co-starring with TV Host Eishamarie Rivera. This is a seasonal open call for artists from every country to be selected for an art series’ first season production. The main languages are English and Spanish– a translator may be available depending on the filming location. All styles and media are welcome. There are no educational requirements to apply to the open call. All submissions will be considered by our Creative Director- Lisa Fuentes and guest curators.

 Selected artists will be co-starring with known Television host Eishamarie Rivera on the production of the ARTalk Series Season Premier: Honoring our Roots.