Open Imagination
 December 09, 2022
Black Box Gallery - Composition: Photography Now

Black Box Gallery is excited to announce a juried group photo show on composition. Composition is how a photographer arranges the visual elements within the frame. This is important for setting a strong visual foundation and creating creative and artistic images. Composition techniques are important to practice and focus on, such as: Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Selective Focus and Depth of Field, Point of View (Subject and Background), Cropping (In Camera and Post-Production), Shape and Form, Patterns and Textures, Balance and Movement, Filling the Frame (Abstraction), Low Perspective or High Perspective, Frame within a Frame, Negative Space, Juxtaposition of Subject, Foreground and Middle Ground and Background (Using Space/Depth and Subject), Lines (Horizontal and Vertical and Diagional). Composition is the path to great photography. For more info, click the links below.