Open Imagination
 August 15, 2022
Arts Letters & Numbers - End of the West; A Live Art Building Workshop

August 20 - 27 , 2022. Onsite Workshop. Imagination has been one of the saddest casualties of the 21’st century (along with Opacity, a Sense of Humour, etc…)  It is a collective cultural muscle that has atrophied with the over exercising of Facts,  -which have a very important places in the world at large, of course- but, in the realm of creativity to stop at the Facts is to become a reporter, not an artist. At Arts Letters and Numbers, End of the West will run a week-long workshop on Live Art Building, taught from each the basis of the three disciplines that we know best.  Together, as a cohort, we will find, embody, and place stories in a created space, to dazzle our -as yet- unknown audience.  We will resuscitate Imagination; giving it CPR by breathing into it Mystery and Wonder about this crazy planet we live on.  We’re going to make stuff, that has never existed before… Schedule: Day 1 - Theatre/dramaturgy: Let’s go story hunting. Day 2 - Dance/movement: Getting that story to drip down from your brain, into your body. Day 3 - Architecture/Space: Where you gonna put that story? Day 4 - Live Art Making. Day 5 - Mystery work. Day 6 - Surprises. Day 7 - Presentation. Program Fee: $450