Open Imagination
 March 07, 2023
SCRIBBLES: Open Call at Carter Burden Gallery

SCRIBBLES: Habits, Compulsions & Outpourings of the Doodling Mind Jurors: Amy Cheng, Lois Bender A line is a dot taking a walk. — Paul Klee Scribbles are evolving choreographies of visual thinking and feeling flowing in space. Scribbling allows something to develop and take shape as a becoming. Its nature can be chaotic, noncommittal, ambivalent, tentative. It can also be intentional, commanding, finished. It can be described as a flow of energy — mark-making forged into matter — that comes directly from the hand of the artist. Is scribbling where ideas come from? Is scribbling always germinal? Is it intuitive and non-thinking? A random exploration? Is it play, or a series of what-ifs? Can it be serious? Can it be mindful in the most profound sense of the word? Is it uncensored? Can scribbles be a final product? Is it a way to access our stream of consciousness? Do our scribbles reveal something essential about us? This open call for submission to a blindly juried group show of “SCRIBBLES” at the Carter Burden Gallery located at 548 W. 28th St, #534, New York, NY scheduled for June 1-June 28, 2023, will result in an interesting, informative, eye-opening survey of what contemporary artists are doing with their scribbles.