Open Imagination
 January 11, 2024

Il Varco Creative Hub presents the thirteenth edition of the Prisma Art Prize, which inaugurates the fourth year of the prize. Prisma Art Prize is a quarterly art competition with €2000 of annual prize money, over €3000 of service prizes and the possibility of participating in the collective exhibition in 2024 at the Contemporary Cluster of Palazzo Brancaccio, Rome, one of the art institutions most innovative in the international contemporary scene. As our name and logo suggest, we want to be a prism that refracts all the possible outcomes of the painting process: we aim to collect and exhibit a selection of works of art that is inclusive, diverse and representative of the possibilities that the medium of painting offers to artists. Prisma Art Prize with the artistic direction of Marco Crispano and curated by Domenico De Chirico, sees the participation of an international jury made up of professionals with a different background in the visual arts. INFORMATION: Registration fee: 29 euros (3 works) – up to 5 additional works can be registered at a cost of 5 euros each. Prisma Art Prize: 500 euros. Exhibition prize: Participation in our collective exhibition in December 2024 at the Contemporary Cluster, Palazzo Brancaccio, Rome. Catalog Award: the winning artists will be published in the annual award catalogue. Sponsored prizes: consult the updated list of sponsored prizes at the link. Honorable mention: interview by the artistic director, published on the award website.

 2000€ Yearly + 3500€ service prizes + pubblication and exhibition in Rome