Open Imagination
 May 15, 2024
Working Assumptions Project Grants

Working Assumptions' grants are intended to support projects that inspire audiences to think anew about the relationship between photography and family, in the most expansive and inventive ways possible. Grants are designed to support artists, writers, educators, social workers, therapists, and creatives. At Working Assumptions, we believe that photography, and/or the exploration of it, can play a pivotal role in illuminating the complexities of family life today and fostering compassion for the experiences of others. As part of our mission, we support projects that spur reflection and dialogue around family, care systems, and kinship.   * 6 grants annually. * $10,000 per grant. * 8-month grant period; September 15 to May 15. * Unrestricted funding for complete creative freedom. Projects may range from photography series and book projects to public art projects, mental health programs, long-form journalism, curriculum, performances, digital projects, scholarly publications, and more. We encourage proposals that address underrepresented family arrangements, care work, memory, identity formation, and other related topics.

 Six, $10,000 grants