Open Imagination
 March 04, 2023
Woman Made Gallery - Woman Life Freedom

Woman Made Gallery (WMG) seeks entries for the Woman Life Freedom exhibition, juried by Shahrbanoo Hamzeh and on display from May 6 to June 3, 2023. Woman Life Freedom is a slogan that the women of Iran are chanting on the streets in​ an unfair war with the gender apartheid regime to gain their basic human rights and bodily​ autonomy back. Beginning on September 16th, 2022, with Mahsa Amini’s unjust death, Iranian​ people have been shedding blood, sweat, and tears while protesting in the streets for freedom.​ ​We can play our part for freedom through art. I believe artists are able to take up the fight for​ women’s rights and become the voice of Iranian women. This exhibition is centered on women’s rights and is an act in solidarity with the brave​ women who are putting their life on the line for freedom. Inspired by the lack of awareness​ surrounding the more than four decades of state-sanctioned violence perpetuated by the​ Islamic Republic against Iranian women, I am inviting you to share your story. What needs to be​ heard and what needs to be changed? Our fight for women’s rights everywhere will not end until each​ and every one of us is free. Woman Life Freedom brings together information, conversation,​ ​and visual elements surrounding this huge fight for human rights. With this exhibition, we are​ hoping to elevate and add to the Iranian women’s voice. -Shahrbanoo Hamzeh