Open Imagination
 July 26, 2022
Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS) - OPEN CALL: TOKAS Residency Programs 2023

Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS), operated by a division of The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, is now calling for three residency programs:“International Creator Residency Program (Individual Projects and Theme Projects)” and “Curator Residency Program” For the “International Creator Residency Program (Individual Projects),” we offer accommodation and shared studios as well as financial support to allow creators to develop and present new works and ideas in Tokyo. The outcome of the residency will be presented at the Result Presentation Exhibition. The open-call program “International Creator Residency Program (Theme Projects)” for the period from May to July 2023, aim to invite two distinguished and highly motivated international creators who would engage in creative activities based on the theme “Ecology around the City.” The creators who work on the theme will seek to actively exchange ideas on cultural differences in thoughts, recognitions, actions and languages with two local creators, while working independently on their own projects. The results of their residency will be presented at the Open Studio and the Result Presentation Exhibition. The new open-call program “Curator Residency Program” aims to invite distinguished and highly motivated curators in the field of curation, art criticism, and cultural research from all over the world and offer them opportunities to conduct research in Tokyo, as well as financial support. More information is available in our website.