Open Imagination
 January 05, 2024
The Holy Art Gallery - Showcase your art on screens in the busy streets of London!

London Art Hubs Imagine showcasing your work to millions of people around the world! With our innovative approach, we can help you exhibit your art on a street screen in London’s iconic streets! What do we do? Take your art career to new heights and boost your visibility by showcasing your artwork in London’s heart! The Art Hub is an exceptional platform, effortlessly rising above the chaos on UK streets. Its unique format commands attention and captivates audiences with its sheer brilliance. What we offer: Your artwork is displayed for up to 10 days on an art hub screen in London Fee: £550 Deadline: 5 January 2024 Showcase: The exact date of the installations will be announced to the successful applicants in late January. Notes: File formats accepted: High Res JPEG DPI: 300 dpi minimum Your art will be covering 1/4 of the screen as demonstrated below. It will be showcased on a sequence of other media assets and will be performed several times in a day, 10 seconds at a time. Locations: Dalston Chelsea Notting Hill