Open Imagination
 January 05, 2024
The Holy Art Gallery - Showcase your art in Times Square, New York

Take your art career to new heights and boost your visibility by showcasing your artwork on the grand screens of Times Square. Join a vibrant community of talented artists and seize the opportunity to captivate audiences from around the world. Elevate your artistry and reap the benefits of this extraordinary platform! Additionally, our Instagram accounts will feature a custom social media campaign that highlights your work, along with an improved version of your artist statement and biography. A. Your artwork is displayed for 15 seconds in Times Square. B. You'll receive additional Social Media Exposure with: 1 x Post on ArtSpace Innovations Instagram Page. 1 x Story on ArtSpace Innovations Instagram Page. 1 x Stories on The Holy Art Instagram Account @theholyartgallery. See links below for more details!