Open Imagination
  Jun 29, 2023  to  Sep 25, 2023
The Boomer Art Prize | Call For Artists | £10000 in Cash Awards

Introducing Boomer Gallery's groundbreaking invitation to creators across all visual arts disciplines: the "Boomer Art Prize." We wholeheartedly welcome passionate artists from both local and international backgrounds to submit their works as we embark on a journey to recognize, promote, and support excellence in the ever-evolving realm of art. Discover a world of endless possibilities as your creative spirit takes center stage. The Boomer Art Prize is your gateway to unparalleled recognition, promotion, and support, both locally and on the global stage. We welcome all artists, whether emerging or established, to share their unique voices and visions. Our quest is to discover diverse creativity from all corners of the world. Participation in the Boomer Art Prize offers artists more than just the potential of winning substantial cash prizes and exhibition opportunities. It provides invaluable exposure, with all entries being viewed by a jury of highly respected figures in the art world. AWARDS & PRIZES: Successful applicants will receive £10,000 in cash awards + exhibition opportunities in our iconic gallery space from Tower Bridge, London. * 1st place - £5,000 + a solo show. * 2nd place - £3,000 + inclusion in two of our group shows. * 3rd place - £2,000 + inclusion in one of our group shows. * Numbers 4th to 20th will also be included in one of the group shows. Full details included in the press release.

 £10000 in cash awards plus exhibitions