Open Imagination
  May 09, 2022  to  May 22, 2022
Sweet ‘Art - Retrespect

Sweet ‘Art will be celebrating their 10th birthday with a 3 month long program of art exhibitions and events taking place in their pop up space - the Art Bypass Gallery! This show will be a retrospective response to Show #1, our launch exhibition that took place back in 2012 in aid of International Women’s Day. Since then we as an organisation have responded to the necessary and ever-shifting narratives and perspectives surrounding inclusive intersectional feminist thinking and action and have reflected on what this means and how we can respond meaningfully to successes and mistakes in our work, activism and politics as we always strive to do better. This exhibition will explore, contrast and compare our responses to feminist issues societally and creatively since our launch show 10 years ago. Why not join us on the 12th May for our opening arty party and big birthday bash! It will be an evening of art, Sweet ‘Art themed cocktails, performance, freebies, surprises and cake! Do book a ticket via Eventbrite to not miss out.