Open Imagination
 July 17, 2022
SUNSHIP: THESIS at Arts Letters & Numbers

Led by David Gersten and Homa Shojaie. July 23 – August 14, 2022 | In-person & Online Program “SunShip: Thesis at Arts Letters & Numbers” welcomes all artists, makers and thinkers of any discipline to explore their questions and develop their personal works, voices and practices. There is no predetermined form or outcome for the works participants will develop. This is an opportunity for participants to further develop projects and ideas that they have been working on, or to begin a new creative project, with the seeds of an unknown set of ideas and questions. Participants will be immersed in the creative process of making and exploring new approaches and developing individual and collaborative works. 
 Class Structure: 1. On Language and Shared Questions: We Share Words. 2. The Studio as Site / Situation: On Spatial Imagination. 3. The Studio as Site / Situation: On Material Imagination. 4. Towards Seeing, Not Showing. 5. Listening as a Form of Imagination. 6. Towards an ‘Of-ness’ and ‘Is-ness’ of Drawing. 7. Where Do We Know What We Know? Inhabiting Our Questions.