Open Imagination
 March 15, 2024
Southern Tier Center For Emerging Artists - Perspectives: The Art of Abstracts

This vibrant and accessible art exhibit celebrates the beauty and diversity of abstract art and showcases the ways in which artists communicate emotion, energy, and imagination through non-representational forms involving colors, patterns, textures, shapes, lines, concepts, and emotions. All mediums and styles are welcome. 20% of exhibit proceeds benefit Equal Justice Initiative, one of STCEA’s favorite non-profits and a champion of criminal justice reform and racial justice. A Best in Show (cash prize) and Awards of Distinction will be awarded to the works of highest artistic merit based on technical skill, creativity, innovation, and adherence to theme. An Artists' Choice and People's Choice award will also be selected based on popular vote. With the option to submit up to three entries for just $30, this is an affordable and accessible way to increase your art's visibility. So why not submit your work today and see where it can take you?

 Best In Show, Awards of Distinction, Artist's Choice, People's Choice