Open Imagination
 February 15, 2024
Southern Tier Center For Emerging Artists - Noteworthy: Celebrating Music in Art

Music has the power to evoke emotions, tell stories, and create atmospheres; similarly, visual art has the ability to convey the intangible and provoke a sensory experience. This exhibit seeks to celebrate the fusion of these two powerful mediums, inviting artists to translate the essence of music into visual form. The theme for this exhibit is broad and open to interpretation. Artists are encouraged to draw inspiration from any genre, era, or cultural aspect of music. Whether your work is a direct representation of a musical composition, an abstract interpretation of rhythm and melody, or a reflection on the emotional impact of music, we want to see your unique perspective on the symbiosis between visual and auditory art. All mediums and styles are welcome. 20% of exhibit proceeds benefit The Community Music Project, a Jamestown, NY non-profit promoting “music-for-all” through performance and education. A Best in Show (cash prize) and Awards of Distinction will be awarded to the works of highest artistic merit based on technical skill, creativity, innovation, and adherence to theme. An Artists' Choice and People's Choice award will also be selected based on popular vote. With the option to submit up to three entries for just $30, this is an affordable and accessible way to increase your art's visibility. So why not submit your work today and see where it can take you?

 Best In Show, Awards of Distinction, Artist's Choice, People's Choice