Open Imagination
 June 15, 2023
Solo Show at Aplomb Gallery Fall 2023

Contemporary portrait artists, both abstract and representational, working in all mediums will be considered for a solo show. Multimedia and 3D works are accepted but should be combined with ready to hang 2D work. Aplomb Gallery located in Dover, NH, has approximately 32 feet for hanging wall space. Depending on the size of works, applicants should be prepared to hang a cohesive collection of 6-16 pieces. Submissions of concept drawings or partially completed work will be accepted as long as it will be completed in time. Applicants from any geographic location may apply but they should also be ready to ship or bring work during the last week in August and pick up or provide return shipping for any unsold work. The selected artist should make arrangements to attend the reception in Dover, NH. Exhibition will be September 9 - October 28, 2023. Reception date will be decided with the chosen artist. Apply early for an application discount of $10 off before May 1, 2023 at 12PM.