Open Imagination
 January 15, 2024
Social Documentary Network - 2024 ZEKE Awards

We are happy to announce that we will be giving two separate awards. 1. ZEKE Award for Systemic Change. 2. ZEKE Award for Documentary Photography. Each awardee will receive $2,500. 2024 ZEKE Award for Systemic Change: SDN will award one photographer a $2,500 honorarium and recognition of their outstanding visual stories documenting systemic changes leading to sustainable solutions to important issues affecting the world today. We are particularly interested in the threat to democracy and solutions to this global crisis as well as related issues including human rights, global health, climate change, migration and refugees, conflict, race and gender, reproductive rights, sustainable farming practices, and others. We look to photographers to educate us as to what issues are most pressing and the change that is being done. ZEKE Award for Documentary Photography: SDN will award one photographer the ZEKE Award for Documentary Photography and a $2,500 honorarium to recognize their success in documentary visual storytelling about any subject matter with an emphasis on themes that affect the global community. Jurors will look at quality of the photographic images and accompanying text and how well the combination adds to our understanding of the issue.

 Two $2,500 USD Cash Awards, featured in ZEKE magazine, featured in exhibition