Open Imagination
 March 30, 2022
Revolve Gallery - This Skin I'm In: A Visual Narrative of Self

This is a photography CALL FOR SUBMISSION for an upcoming photography exhibition THIS SKIN I’M IN: A VISUAL NARRATIVE at REVOLVE gallery in Asheville, NC for June and July, 2022. This juried photography exhibition is an opportunity for the LGBTQIA+ community to express their personal experiences of queerness through a series of images. Embracing the becoming of one’s own self and the definition one chooses is an often complicated, deeply personal, and at times an invisible journey. This exhibition provides opportunity for emerging and established artists to tell their own stories expressed through the language of images. As Aperture Foundation executive director Chris Boot said in 2019 "Not long ago the power of communicating in pictures belonged to a professional viewing class who characterized the experience of everybody else ... What's different today is that the people who used to be the subjects of photographs -- often those who are marginalized, who society sees as exotic -- have picked up cameras and are picturing themselves and defining themselves.” All image makers who identify as LGBTQIA and/or are a part of the LGBTQIA community are invited to submit. Narratives are encouraged (more information below) to submit along with your images and will be a featured part of the exhibition and a zine.