Open Imagination
 June 13, 2022
RACVB - Call for Mural Artists! CRE8IV Transformational Art

CRE8IV Transformational Art works to encourage and enhance cultural life through public art by facilitation, recognition, and financial support of such. As part of the Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (RACVB), the CRE8IV initiative is looking to produce murals throughout the Rockford, IL region. RACVB is soliciting artists with mural experience to produce large-scale works of art on exterior walls. PROJECT SCOPE AND REQUIREMENTS PUBLIC ART MURALS The targeted locations are within specific neighborhoods throughout the Rockford region. Sizes range from 20’X30’ to 50’X100’ • Artists will be commissioned to exhibit original pieces of art. • Works are required to be created with the best quality paints to help with longevity and overall look of piece. • Murals that are vulgar, politically polarized, contain profanity or otherwise offensive language or symbols will not be considered. • Content must be appropriate for all ages. The review committee reserves the right to inspect all work and instruct the removal of elements not approved in original sketch. • Artists are strongly encouraged to showcase a diverse mix of styles including abstract, exuberant, positive, uplifting, and inspirational work. • We recognize the sizes are vastly different and would commission at different costs. We are looking to get a sense of your projects of various sizes and will assign a wall / provide dimensions prior to you creating anything specific for this project.