Open Imagination
 September 18, 2023
PH21 Gallery presents: 'Shape' – A Curated International Photography Exhibition, November 16 – December 9, 2023

Shapes are one of the most important aspects of creative photographic compositions. Living beings and inanimate objects, including the built environment, come in many forms, and photographers often rely on the creative possibilities offered by their shapes. While in some cases the images of things only serve a depictive function, at the other end of the spectrum, abstract photography concentrates on shapes and forms for their own sake up to a point when we can no longer recognise the depicted objects themselves. Between being either insignificant or the only significant element, the shape of recognisable forms may also be the driving compositional component of an image. That is, the shape of living beings and objects may be of central importance to the composition of photographs, not only in abstract photography but also in virtually all other photographic genres. These images capture our attention and stand out for their creative compositional form. PH21 Gallery invites photographers to submit their work for a group exhibition themed Shape. We are looking for submissions from all photographers who are interested in this subject and would like to share their work with a wider international audience through the exposure of PH21 Gallery. The theme is broadly construed; we are looking for photographs in which shape is a significant compositional element, including abstract photography. Indeed, we are interested in all possible creative photographic interpretations of the theme.

 One curator's choice and three honourable mentions