Open Imagination
 March 04, 2024
PH21 Gallery presents: 'Out of the ordinary' – A Curated International Photography Exhibition, May 4–22, 2024

Out of the ordinary is often characterised as strange, unusual, odd, peculiar, bizarre, uncanny, weird, mysterious, or even surreal. Subjects, scenes, themes, perspectives, compositions, portrayed events, visual experiences, and imaginative narratives may all deviate from the ordinary. Photographers often step into the realm of the extraordinary through the lens of their camera, embracing the unconventional, where the peculiar dances with the mysterious, and the odd intertwines with the surreal. They explore the realms of strange, unusual, and uncanny. Some venture into the world of traditional straight photography, where authenticity captures the essence of the outlandish. Others delve into staged photography, where each frame unfolds a narrative beyond the ordinary, or embrace the art of photomontage, seamlessly blending disparate elements to craft a visual tapestry of uniqueness. AI-generated photo-based images offer a digital canvas to manifest the bizarre and create a fusion of reality and imagination. This exhibition celebrates the diversity of perspectives that redefine the ordinary and elevate the extraordinary. The photographer’s lens is the gateway to a realm where the peculiar becomes art, the bizarre transforms into beauty, and the unconventional takes centre stage. PH21 Gallery invites photographers to submit their work for a group exhibition themed "Out of the ordinary". We welcome submissions from all photographers interested in this subject.

 One curator's choice and three honourable mentions