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Open Call 2022 Second Semester – Cruce, Space for Transformation last places

Cruce, Space for Transformation is an initiative intended for professionals who need to disconnect from their daily rhythms, those who need a space to create, hold workshops, events or exhibitions, focus on analysis and dissemination of their work; or just make a temporary withdrawal. Surrounded by nature, the rural environment of Blanca allows one to enter the traditions and customs of a town in southern Spain, as well as being in coexistence with an artistic community. The Cruce Program began at the end of 2020 and has hosted more than 50 creators from Spain, Europe and beyond since then. It received artists from various disciplines including painting, photography, sculpture, installation, sound art and performance, and some participants working outside the artistic field. They have been part of our beautiful temporary communities, sharing time and spaces with each other and with the participants of our Residency Program. Duration: 2 weeks-2 months. Accommodation: individual apartment or private room in a shared house. Studio / Workspace: individual or shared artist studio / shared working space / event or workshop space. Application: please read our Terms&Conditions, carefully, consult our list of prices to choose the desired services and resources, and complete our registration form. Find all the documents under the Cruce Space menu on our website. The application process is open (no deadline) and the selection is made in order of request.