Open Imagination
 May 20, 2021
Ohio Quilt Mural

Based in Canada, Foxquilt is an Insurance technology company focused on empowering small businesses to save on Business Insurance. This Spring, we’ll be launching our services in Ohio Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Akron. To continue innovating insurance so it’s easier, simpler and faster for more small business owners in North America. We’re looking for a local artist in each of the following cities: Akron, Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati to paint a mural of a quilt to showcase their amazing small business community! The mural should depict a quilt with the logos of local businesses. Each business will be featured in its own patch; together, all the patches help create the quilt! The businesses will be selected based on submissions where owners share why they love being a part of their city’s community. Requirements for the Mural Design: The primary quilt should communicate the Foxquilt brand look & feel (brand colours: white, different tones of blue & teal) with the incorporation of the Foxquilt website URL and logo. Incorporation of the activation QR code (we will provide) which links to our program landing page that showcases the businesses’ stories of why they love their city. Benefits for you: $5,000 to compensate you and the cost of materials. The opportunity to help support your local small business community with a unique public art installation, while also being a part of a nationwide mural campaign.