Open Imagination
 October 30, 2021
N.Y. Photo Curator 'Beyond the Surface' Curated by Ellen Jantzen

Ellen Jantzen says, “Beyond the Surface"-Strive to make visual that which is not visible. Look beyond the surface to reveal something deeper and unexpected. I find photography – especially digitally-aided photo-montage – to be a potent medium through which to effectively communicate the ways I perceive and understand the world. Photographs were once considered to be ‘truthful’, but we now know there has been photographic manipulation since it was invented. Yet, because photographs are ‘believed’, there is a great deal of room to play within the medium’s apparent reality; to create a poetic personal fiction that remains open to interpretation." 20% of artist entry fees goes to charity. ALL entrants work is shown on their own page with their artist statement, website info, bio and parts of their CV in an online exhibition. Early entries may be featured on N.Y. Photo Curator's Facebook and Instagram pages. Image: 'Dematerializing' by Ellen Jantzen.

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