Open Imagination
 June 12, 2022
New York Center for Photographic Art (NYC4PA) CALL FOR ENTRY - URBAN SUBURBAN RURAL

Urban, Suburban, and Rural: These are life choices, whether for living or visiting. What about these locales caught your eye? Was it the skyline, parked cars, or lights of the theater in the Urban Landscape? Alternatively, did you capture the bar-b-q in a Suburban backyard. Maybe it was the geometry of a street of well-groomed front yards, a strip mall or other image representative of the Suburban Scene. And finally were you caught up in the imagery of Rural Impressions - the hills, the dales, the cows, the horses, the white farm fences, or rusted cars on front lawns. Send us your interpretations of Rural Impressions, Suburban Scenes and Urban Landscapes. Lots to see, lots to photograph. Click the prospectus link below for more information.