Open Imagination
 September 30, 2021
National Women's Caucus for Art - Occupy The Moment, Intersect History with Impact

Occupy the Moment, Intersect History with Impact - In the last half century, the art historical canon has been uprooted and redefined. The canon was erected on categorized colonial narratives and invented racial rankings. The WCA has cast aside this “white male gaze” to define our own vision. This National WCA 50th Anniversary exhibition is seeking artistic works that address this moment of 2022. Artists are encouraged to interpret the theme broadly, considering the multiple paths of how we arrived here and what we envision moving forward. We encourage art that explores the ways that our identities and expressions intersect with such factors as environment, culture, time, and location. Artwork can be in any approach and form, subjects may range from the historic precedents set by political activism, to personal transformation, social engagement and beyond. JUROR: Dr. Maura Reilly, Founding Curator of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum.