Open Imagination
 August 28, 2022
MIND MAZE – online art exhibition

Applications are now open for our online exhibition “Mind Maze”. Labyrinths and mazes represent an age-old tension between fate and free will. The place with obvious entry and mysterious progression where you’re forced to lose yourself only to find yourself once again. We are looking for artworks themed around labyrinths, inner emotions, and faith. Artworks that are inspired by labyrinths and mazes in a literal or abstract way. From the pattern of movement and complex structures to metaphors used to refer to a difficult, or confusing situation, from graphic, linear figures to investigation of perception and its possibilities, an insight in one’s own “mind maze”. -Open to all artists 18+. -All visual art mediums (except video) are allowed. -$20 application fee. Payment is non-refundable and does not guarantee acceptance. For more info and apply please visit the prospectus link below.