Open Imagination
Mid-South Artist Gallery - Pottery Artist

The Mid-South Artist Gallery is search for that one artist who fits our gallery. We are looking for that one artist who has a voice and demonstrates their vision through their work. This is not a co-op, this is an opportunity for one artist to be represented by a gallery, to create select items for display and sale at the gallery. We do not charge the artists hanging fees, setup, shelf of end-cap fees. We are a 501c3 charitable organization, all staff are volunteers, no one is paid. 30% of all sales go to charity and 70% goes to the artist. We have 4 individual galleries, therefore there are 4 opportunities for potters to fill the gallery shelves with their work, showcasing their skills, idea's, and art. Each artist has their work added to our yearly "Art Book", There are no entry fees, no jury or judges fees, your work will be exhibited along with other artist in our monthly exhibit. For more information or questions, contact us through our email, Until then, be well, and create...