Open Imagination
 December 11, 2023
Mid-South Artist Gallery - Artists of 2023

Artists of 2023, is a photo book of artists exhibiting their work in 2023. It is an opportunity for artists to present the best of their work to the public and be included in a reference book of Artists. Each artist may submit up to 20 photos of their work, an artist resume, and an artist statement. The book "The Artists of 2023", will be published through Barnes and Noble, 100% of earnings from this book will go to charity. Each year the Mid-South Artist Gallery funds a number of small loans through KIVA. These loans go to artists, pop-ups, the poor starting a business, women trying to support their family, and weavers, potters, painters, artist, and craftsmen. It is our way of supporting Artists in the United States and around the world. There is a very small admin fee of $15.00 per artist which can be made through paypal, or check. If paying by paypal send to:, if my check, make check out to: St. Elisabeth's, 7157 Summer Ave, Bartlett, TN 38134 - our gallery host. Questions: by email or phone 901-409-8705

 Your art in a book