Open Imagination
 June 21, 2024
Manifest - REUBEN NEGRÓN: Light & Dimensionality In Watercolor

JUNE 21 - 23, 2024. Join us at Manifest Drawing Center for a three-day watercolor workshop with artist Reuben Negron. Watercolor is often lauded as either one of the most unforgiving artistic mediums or as a sketching tool only meant for studies. However, contrary to these opinions, watercolor is a versatile painting medium capable of intense depth, color, and complexity that can rival the most celebrated oil paintings. In this three-day workshop, artist Reuben Negrón will demystify watercolors by guiding workshop participants, step-by-step, through his process. From start to finish, Reuben will highlight the importance of beginning with an underpainting, working in layers, and allowing for improvisation. By building a painting from the ground up, the class will learn the value of establishing a strong structural drawing, pushing contrast, and the ever-shifting relationships of color. This workshop will include lectures and discussions on materials and best practices and begin with an in-person demonstration, followed by two days of painting guided by personalized instruction and feedback.