Open Imagination
 April 01, 2023
Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes - 2023 ArtEffect Competition

The 2023 ARTEFFECT Competition is now accepting visual art submissions in various mediums from all middle and high school students. Students creatively interpret the inspirational stories of Unsung Heroes—ordinary individuals who took extraordinary actions that had a positive effect on society. These untold stories run across various STEAM subjects and beyond. Students can gain recognition, exhibit their artworks, and win top prizes. Explore the Unsung Heroes in your classrooms and invite your students to submit.

 Top Prizes Grand Prize—$6,000 Spotlight Prize—$1,000 High School (9-12th grade): Best in Show– $3,000 Second Place–$2,000 Middle School (6-8th grade): Best in Show–$2,000 Second Place–$1,000. Additional prizes and honorable mentions may be awarded