Open Imagination
 January 08, 2023
Las Laguna Gallery - 2023 - Celebrate Art

A celebration is a joyful occasion or special festivities to mark some happy event or the act of doing something enjoyable to show happiness. (To honor or praise publicly.) ​ This month we are looking for art that speaks to the word ‘CELEBRATE’. The subject matter can be literal, like a depiction of an event like a wedding a festival or a party. It could be about how you feel when you celebrate or of places you like to be when you feel like celebrating or rejoicing. The work could be of traditional holidays and what celebrating those looks like for you. The art could convey the way one feels inside when celebrating or even how Love and those you love to make you feel. The theme is open to your interpretation - we want to see whatever the artist thinks of when hearing the word ‘Celebrate’.