Open Imagination
 October 16, 2023
Il Varco - 2nd Nouvelle Bug Workshop Residency - Shoot Cinema in Metaverse and with AI

Il Varco is proud to host the second edition of its international workshop of cinema shot inside videogames and with Artificial Intelligence. An intensive week of webinars and live lessons in Rome where participants will be able to understand and put into practise this experimental frontier of Cinema, accompanied by the most renowned filmmakers of the genre. Nouvelle Bug is an international workshop of cinema shot inside videogames, sofwares, metaverse and artificial intelligence where 40 directors will be selected to attend seminars, theoretical and practical lessons tutored by Andrea Gatopoulos and with workshops from Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis and Total Refusal Crew. The participants will then shoot a film inside the metaverse or videogames or using artificial intelligence. One of the projects will be chosen by Il Varco Cinema and co-produced and finalised by the company with the support of FedraHub and Gargantua Film Distribution. 1ST STEP_ 3RD JUL – 16 OCT: International call for entries, open to everyone under 35 years old, though our submission form. 2ND STEP_ 23 OCT: Selection of the 30 participants of the workshop that will be invited in Rome to participate in the live lessons or online tutoring sessions. 3RD STEP_ 5-15 DEC: Ten days of workshop in Rome with live lessons, online meetings, writing and shooting of some scenes. 4TH STEP_ 20 JAN: Selection of one project to be produced by Il Varco Cinema, with the post-production of FedraHub and distributed by Gargantua.