Open Imagination
 July 31, 2024
Gallery Ring BIRDS Online Art Contest

Gallery Ring is excited to announce its first online contest and exhibition all about birds. Birds must be the main and obvious subject in the composition or the work must have been created by a bird. The deadline to submit work is Wednesday, July 31st 2024.  The fee is $20 US for 1-3 artworks. 2D artwork including photography/digital is eligible. Many awards are available including Best In Show, Diamond Awards of Excellence, the Golden Trio Award, the Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire Awards, Crystal Awards and others.  Winning artists receive a digital Award Certificate.  Top winners will also receive a special, digital Award Page ideal for sharing the news on websites, social media and clientele newsletters. All winners and random finalists will receive exposure and promotion on Gallery Ring's Instagram and newsletter. Top artworks will be featured in a Winners Video on Gallery Ring’s Youtube Channel. All artistic styles from traditional to experimental are welcome.

 Best In Show, Golden Trio, Ruby Award, Sapphire Award, Crystal Award, Emerald Award and others.