Open Imagination
  May 05, 2023  to  May 27, 2023
Flower City Arts Center - Elegy

Energy exists in physical spaces. Locations have personalities. Extreme examples are sites where violent and shocking events have occurred: all who visit them tell of a palpable, disturbing aura. This reality exists in all locations. The Great Swamp in New Jersey has an uncomfortable, foreboding atmosphere. Yosemite is the complete opposite: grand, bright, awe-inspiring, majestic, exultant (shallow?). I’ve often thought, “What could I possibly photograph in Yosemite? Mickey Mouse?” As a very young child, I delighted in being alone in certain places. Hounded to have more friends, to be social - I wasn’t interested. I preferred solitude and imagination – there’s much more potential there. Today I find a forest just a grown-up playground. I go there and spend hours because it’s a comforting “other world” – with a personality. Silence and “welcoming” exists within any forest. I often think, “I wonder how they’re doing over there today.” But the welcome I seek out isn’t a jolly one. I enjoy forests best when they’re solemn and melancholy. Photographer's Bio: Anthony Guidice graduated from Art College in Columbia, Mo. in 1979, and from RIT with an MFA in Photography in 1981. His MFA thesis was entitled Energy in Physical Spaces. Guidice photographs primarily with 4x5 and 5x7 view cameras, and also with 6x7 cm roll-film cameras. His Defender Photographic company designs and manufactures analog specialties.