Open Imagination
 April 26, 2024
DTR Modern - THE EMPOWERED FEMININE Art and Luxury Engagement Series

This art experience, The Empowered Feminine, aims to empower female collectors, female investors, and creative entrepreneurs. Your work will be showcased during a multi-day experience of education seminars, VIP dinners, and a gala. Share your creative story and vision & delicious food, inspiring conversations, and connections with like-minded individuals. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of a community that champions women's success in the art and philanthropy spaces. We are seeking a selection of works that consider female representation across time, vantage points, cultures, and/or perspectives. Female, feminine, or female-identifying artists to uplift and share their vision, stories, & creativity. Your work will be exhibited in an educational series and gala for opening night in the fall, with an opportunity to be further represented by the gallery. We look forward to reviewing submissions!