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Calling All Architecture Lovers: Submit Your Photos to Archinerds

Archinerds, ( the well-known social channel for sharing architecture images, is excited to announce the launch of a call for architectural photographers. This initiative offers talented photographers the opportunity to showcase their skills and share their images with a vast community of architecture enthusiasts. Archinerds aims to create a space where architecture and photography enthusiasts can come together, discover new perspectives, and celebrate the beauty and essence of architectural wonders from around the world. Edited by the designer and architect Giuseppe Gallo, since its launch in 2015, Archinerds has garnered millions of views and has become a go-to platform for architecture photography enthusiasts. The call for architectural photographers provides a unique opportunity to become part of the vibrant Archinerds community and showcase your work to a global audience. Participants are invited to submit their best architectural photos, captured with passion and creativity. Each submitted image will be carefully evaluated by the Archinerds editorial team, who will select the most extraordinary and impactful images to share on social media and potentially in future print publications. For more information about the call for architectural photographers and to participate, please visit Giuseppe Gallo's website at the links below and complete the online form.

 The prize for the call for architectural photographers is the opportunity to have the most stunning photos published on Archinerds' social media channels. This serves as a significant recognition and platform for all photography enthusiasts passionate abo