Open Imagination
 July 30, 2023
Boynes Artist Award 9th Edition | All Artists Accepted | Cash Prizes | Publication & More

Attention artists! The Boynes Artist Award 9th Edition is now accepting submissions! This is your chance to showcase your artwork to the world and compete for cash prizes, art supplies, and more. The theme is open. The Boynes Artist Award is an international art competition that celebrates and supports artists of all levels and backgrounds. With categories for Emerging, Young, and Professional Artists, we welcome submissions from anyone who has a passion for creating art. If you are an Emerging Artist, in the early stages of your career, you can win $750 cash prize, creation of a professional artist website and a published interview. If you are a Young Artist between 18 - 25 years old, you can win $500 cash prize, $250 in art supplies and a published interview. And if you are a Professional Artist, who has been practicing art for at least three years, you can win $2000 cash prize, a published interview and much more! Submissions are open from May 1st until July 30th, so don't wait any longer and submit your artwork today. Early bird submissions receive a 20% discount on the entry fee until May 30th. To enter the Boynes Artist Award 9th Edition, visit our website and follow the instructions. We can't wait to see your artwork and support you in your artistic journey.

 $3500 cash prizes, art supplies, professional artist website, publication, winner certificate