Open Imagination
 March 15, 2024
Botanical Abstractions - a 4-Day Workshop with Roberta Ahrens. April 20 - 23, 2024

This unique 4-day workshop with cracked linen canvas and abstracted botanicals is a journey into your unique expression on intriguing surface material. Roberta Ahrens, a Bay area artist, has developed a proprietary blend of plaster-embedded canvas she calls cracked linen - after many years as a classically trained painter in the Decorative Arts. Her love of horticulture brought her to focus on botanical subjects, diving into what she calls the architecture of nature. The results are truly breathtaking. By mixing traditional finishing techniques and breaking some rules, she manipulates and etches into the plaster creating a contemporary look with a suggestion of the classic arts. This immersive workshop will take place at Willow Pond SLO, a beautiful 14-acre property on the central coast, of California. Surrounded by vineyard views and cooled by the marine layer, our vision is to nurture creativity across multiple disciplines. For more info visit the Willow Pond Slo website for our complete lineup of workshops for 2024. Apply to this workshop via caFE.