Open Imagination
 July 02, 2023
Boomer Gallery - The New Renaissance | Call For Artists

'The New Renaissance' rings out as a clarion call to artists everywhere, across all mediums, styles, and visions. We warmly invite you to join us in this multifaceted exploration of contemporary creativity. This forthcoming exhibition is more than a showcase of art; it's a rendezvous point, a resurgence of the limitless spirit of discovery and expression that epitomized the Renaissance, yet reimagined for the vivid complexities of our modern world. We encourage traditional painters, digital artists, photographers, sculptors, visionaries, and revolutionaries to respond to this call. If you've dared to perceive the world from a fresh angle, to challenge the status quo, and to weave together disparate ideas, we eagerly anticipate your contribution. This exhibition serves as your platform, an opportunity to engage in an ever-evolving dialogue that spans past and future, the known and the uncharted. With this exhibition, our objective is to experience 'The New Renaissance' through your distinctive lens as artists. Your work forms the prism through which we strive to understand and appreciate this dynamic, collective revival. It is you, the artists, whom we invite to breathe life into 'The New Renaissance.'

 Art Exhibition