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  April 14, 2016
Art Registry World Seeking Visual Artists of All Disciplines

ART REGISTRY WORLD now accepting Visual Artists of ALL Disciplines for Promotion, Representation and Professional Art Career Networking. ART REGISTRY WORLD is a Strongest ART Supporting and Promoting Venue Internationally. Registered Artists, Galleries, Museums, Art Organizations and Art Services enjoy the fullest Attention, Benefits and Exposure. ART REGISTRY WORLD invites ARTISTS from ALL Parts of the World to Register with ARW and get a Lifetime Artist Account, with Unlimited number of Images and/or Video Links, Biography, Statement and Contact info. Any part of Artist Account Artist can change/edit/delete any time they want on their own (you own and control your account) you have a personal share of the BIG ART WORLD. ARW monitors Registered Members and sets up Contacts, Interviews, News Exposure. ART REGISTRY WORLD hooks up Artists with Art Dealers, Collectors, Critics, Art Historians, Curators, Galleries, Museums. Registered Artists enjoy ARW ART AUCTION,- where artists can submit their Art Works and get Certificates of Sale/Purchase, building Auction Sales Experience and Professional Record. The ART REGISTRY WORLD ARTIST GRANT is a biggest cash and promotion Grant available internationally. If you were looking for the ART WORLD, IT FOUND YOU! Register and Enjoy for Life! ART REGISTRY WORLD : Here the World of Art becomes THE ART WORLD!





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