Open Imagination
 March 01, 2024
ART 64 Live Painting Tournament for $20k Grand Prize

Discover Wauwatosa announces its 3rd annual call for artists for ART 64, a 2-day, bracket-style painting tournament with a grand prize of $20,000. ART 64 presented by North Shore Bank takes place in The Village of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, highlighting diverse, nationwide artists and local businesses. In three rounds, 64 artists are paired to go head-to-head and given 60 minutes to create a work of art on a predetermined theme on canvas. Members of the public, both in-person and virtually, are invited to watch the paintings come to life and vote for their favorite artists to advance online. All accepted participants will receive money for participating: All 64 artists who participate will receive a minimum of $100. Artists who advance to Round 2 will receive $250 in total. Artists who advance to Round 3 will receive $750 in total. The sole winner of ART 64 will receive $20,000 in total.

 $20,000 Grand Prize