Open Imagination
 April 16, 2023
ARC Gallery - SCULPTURE: Motley Cruise

Curator: Bernard Williams. Application Deadline: April 16, 2023. In her essay titled: Motley Efforts, Sculpture’s Ever-Expanding Field, Anne Ellegood speaks of the myriad sculptural practices at work among today’s artists. She speaks of the inability to locate clear categories for much of contemporary sculpture… the profusion of cultural and historical references, the range of materials and an eye towards experimentation. Ellegood speaks of appreciating artworks for their sensitivity to form or physical flair…”these are after all, objects in space that we encounter with our bodies- but the conceptual underpinning are often as complex and layered as their forms and encourage a certain amount of unpacking. In her essay, Samuel Beckett is quoted as saying, “It is the artist’s task to find a form that accommodates the mess.” You are invited to participate in this exhibition, titled: Motley Cruise. The works in this exhibition embrace disorder and precariousness, pristine surfaces and the predetermined, the messy, decrepit, clumsy, expressive, flamboyant, corporeal, ambiguous, enigmatic, and more. This is a call for sculpture in any form. Sculptures can: hang on wall, suspend from ceiling, sit on a pedestal, or stand on floor. Works can be either indoor or outdoor but should be no larger than 36 inches in circumference (W or D). Indoor works are limited to 9'0". All sculptural mediums are welcome and non-traditional mediums are encouraged. EXHIBITION DATES: May 25-June 16, 2023.